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Privacy Policy

This data privacy guaranty statement is specifically and exclusively for the use of Bilhares Carrinho.

Internet is a wonderful means of communication. Day by day one realises its increasing importance in one’s life, for all it takes is a mouse click and the world lies before us. People come closer, experiences are more quickly shared. The evolution of society is presently racing.

For all these reasons and so that everyone trusts this means of communication more and more, it is important for Bilhares Carrinho that all users of its services and visitors of its WebPages can have their data confidentiality assured.

When we request for your name, address, telephone number, among other information, our aim is to keep a closer contact with our users. Having your signing, we start calling you by your name, we come closer to you and we can answer your needs or requests more efficiently.

If by any reason Bilhares Carrinho feels the need to update its privacy policy, you will be the first to know.

Bilhares Carrinho assures this information WILL NOT be used in any promotional mailing or phone list, nor will it be made known to any other organization or company. Bilhares Carrinho compromises to protect your privacy and will endure efforts to assure the use of enough efficient technology so that your experience online is safer day after day and your connections online get more and more reinforced.

If you have any question concerning this compromise, do not hesitate to contact us.

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